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Aspose Words MailMerge

  • Save to desired format: PDF, JPEG, HTML, and others
  • Bulk email generator
  • Use Mail Merge to create emails and documents quickly
  • Streamline your sales strategy
  • Stay in touch with your target audience
  • Transform plain data into personalized texts

Mail Merge is a document generation service, designed to create electronic mail, Word and PDF documents on the basis of Mail Merge template syntax, originally implemented in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook products.

At some point a time-consuming stream of electronic mail in your office may raise an issue for email automation. If you are getting tired of composing and sending similar letters each day, just try our Mail Merge tool powered by email templates and data sources in JSON and XML formats.

Mail Merge generator online

Mail Merge can be applied across a wide range of tasks. In general it provides a powerful opportunity to enhance marketing strategies through keeping continuous contact with customers. You can use it to prepare bulk email campaigns, create personalized letters, labels, envelopes and much more.

If you want to convey the latest news on your products to the target audience efficiently, our Mail Merge is also for you.

Mail Merge with reusable templates and data sources

A Mail Merge template usually contains some permanent content mixed with Merge Fields. These fields are defined with < and > brackets and act as placeholders for dynamic data substitution.

You don't need to start your first document automation from the very beginning. Just take an existing letter from your mailbox and customize it by inserting Merge Fields in the right places. Start from replacing the customer's name, address, phone with placeholders. As a result, you will get a template that you can repeatedly use for a group of customers any time you want.

The mail merging process consists of the following steps:

Aspose also provides a powerful Document Assembly online tool, which features support for adjustable LINQ query syntax. That online tool is used to create documents of any complexity.

How to use Mail Merge online

  1. Pick a document template that suits your needs and customize it.
  2. Paste your data (XML, JSON) into the Mail Merge form.
  3. Save the result as a print-ready document or send a link to an email.
  4. Output files will be deleted from our servers after 24 hours and download links will stop working.
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