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Extract text and images from a document online

In office work, sometimes you need to quickly extract text and images from a document. Of course, you can do this operation manually. However, if the document is voluminous, has a complex structure, or contains dozens of images, then you may spend too much time on such a monotonous operation than it deserves.

To automate the parsing of a large document, we have developed the Document Parser app, which allows you to extract text and images from documents and save them to separate files with one click. As a result, you will get a TXT file and a set of graphic files packed in a ZIP archive.

This online app is absolutely free.

How to extract text and images from a document

  1. Upload files files to extract text and images online.
  2. Specify the parameters and press the "PARSE NOW" button to parse files.
  3. Download the parsed files to view instantly or send a link to an email.
  4. Output files will be deleted from our servers after 24 hours and download links will stop working.
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