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Aspose Words Crop

  • Save to desired format: PDF, JPEG, HTML, and others
  • Simple way to crop an image
  • Define a rectangle to cut in pixels
  • Preserve the right aspect ratio
  • Get an optimal view you need
  • Image crop in tandem with image Flip, Rotate, Zoom in-out
  • Crop PDF online

If you are searching for a simple tool to get a cutout of the photo and adjust its perspective, our Photo Cropper is for you.

Aspose Image Crop is a customizable interactive tool to trim photos online. It acts both as a Image Cutter and a Image Mirror.

Easily trim unwanted picture areas and get a perfect view with right width and height proportions.

Multiple image formats are supported as input: JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and others. You can save the result back to source image formats or even export it to Word and PDF document formats.

A Free Utility to Cut an Image Online

Aspose Crop supports several image transformation options you may require: picture rotation, reflection, zoom in and zoom out. Selecting and cropping a rectangular area with a specifiс aspect ratio, which is the proportional relationship between image's width and height (i.e. "1:1", "4:3", "16:9"), is also provided.

Our picture cropping tool is fully interactive. Therefore photo cropping process is intuitive and effortless. Just drag corners of the selector to desired positions, set transformation options and click the button.

Aspose Words Software Platform

The Crop online application was built on the basis of Aspose Words Software Platform. Our company develops modern high-performance document-processing solutions for various operating systems and programming languages:

How to Crop PDF or images online

  1. Upload an image or a document to crop.
  2. Select an area to crop, specify parameters and press the 'CROP' button to crop an image.
  3. Download the cropped files to view instantly or send a link to an email.
  4. Output files will be deleted from our servers after 24 hours and download links will stop working.

Lightweight Document Viewer

Nice, User-Friendly, Easy to use. Reads DOCX and PDF documents. Aspose.Words Mobile

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