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Annotation is a free online service designed to remove comments from documents to get clean document copies.

Annotations are very useful in teamwork when a group of people needs to edit and review the same document in iterations. Using comments they can raise questions, propose solutions and efficiently discuss them with colleagues. However, when all issues are settled and all corrections are made, they will most likely want to get rid of all annotations in a document before forwarding it to officials. Keeping extra technical information, that other people do not have to know about, may not be the best decision.

Remove comments from a document online

Forget about removing comments from a document by hand. That would be a waste of time. With a few mouse clicks, you can automatically remove all unnecessary comments from a document using our free Annotation Removing app. Automatic removal of handwritten annotations from a document is fast - you will get your document without comments just in many seconds.

Please keep in mind that as a result of the operation all annotations in a document will be permanently removed and you will not be able to recover them later. If you are not sure about keeping or removing annotations, be advised to make a copy of your document and work on that copy.

How to remove comments from a document

  1. Upload a document to remove comments from.
  2. Press the "REMOVE COMMENTS" button to remove comments from a document.
  3. Download the result to view instantly or send a link to an email.
  4. Output files will be deleted from our servers after 24 hours and download links will stop working.
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