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Aspose Words PickColor

PickColor is a free online utility designed to grab and convert a color from the uploaded image or document. Aspose PickColor supports converting colors between different models: RGB, HSL, CMYK, HEX.

Free Online Color Picker and Converter

There are multiple methods of expressing color in digital photography. The best known method is to use the RGB color space where colors are produced by mixing red, green and blue primary lights. The HSL color space, which is an alternative representation of the RGB based on hue, saturation and brightness, offers another popular method of defining digital colors. Commercial printing uses another space of colors: cyan, magenta, yellow and black, known as the CMYK color space.

Convert colors between RGB, HSL, CMYK, HEX

Picking colors from photos, scans, images and converting them to get their representation in the specific color space is a typical task when you work in the area of digital design. With Color Picker and Converter by Aspose, you can do it easily: just click on your image or page thumbnail to select a pixel, preview its color and instantly get all color codes in CMYK, RGB, HEX, HSL formats. You can adjust the selected color by changing the value in one color space – other color codes will change synchronously.

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  1. Upload a file to grab colors from.
  2. Press the "Pick Color" button to pick a color.
  3. Explore color combinations, convert colors between RGB, HSL, CMYK, HEX models.
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