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  • Easy to use, you can master everything in a couple of minutes
  • Plenty of templates (collage layouts) for you to choose from
  • Create unique, fully customizable collages with desired sizes, aspect ratios and colors
  • Instantly generate cool collages and share them with your friends on social networks
  • Get professional quality photo collages for free
  • Suitable for interior design - combine pictures of the future interior in a single illustration (moodboard)
  • Quickly give your customers visual ideas of ​​the final results
  • Colash making online

Create Photo Collages Online

This Online Collage Maker will help you combine many photos in one frame so that it all looks stylish and beautiful. You can select the layout of the photo collage, as well as adjust collage settings: image quality, aspect ratio (width/height), background and frame colors, output graphic format, etc.

A collage is a composition obtained from multiple photographs and images. Absolutely any pictures from your PC or from the Internet can be used for making a collage. If you want to give someone a pleasant surprise or just diversify the interior of the house (for design), then think about making a collage. Make perfect collages online with our Photo Collage Maker. It's fully free.

Online Photo Collage Maker

If we speak about the most popular collage types, then the 'Family Collage' it is immediately worth noting. It's also necessary to mention the collages compiled in the "hot pursuit" of tourist trips, sports competitions and holidays. Other popular types of photo collages include birthday collages, baby collages, wedding collages and love collages. These popular types of collages are a kind of report that combines several images in one frame and tells about the most significant events better than a thousand words.

How to make a collage online

You don't need to download or install anything. Our online app for making photo collages works in any browser. It's very easy to use, yet has all the tools you need to create cool collages with professional quality. The program has a large number of templates that you can use to create your own photo compositions. You can specify background and border colors that will emphasize the overall idea of ​​your work.

How to make a photo collage

  1. Choose a collage template from the set offered in the gallery.
  2. Specify image quality, aspect ratio, background and border color.
  3. Get print-ready photo collage with one click.
  4. All your data is completely safe. We do not store your images on our servers.