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Words Counter for PDF

If you work in the field of copywriting, advertising or SEO, then you may require to count the number of words and characters in a PDF document. Such functions are available in most PDF editors, but it is not always convenient to open the editor and load a PDF document just to get text statistics.

Count the number of words and characters in PDF document online

Aspose has developed a special 'Words Counter for PDF' tool that allows you to quickly collect statistics: the number of pages, paragraphs, lines, sentences, words, as well as the number of characters with and without spaces. The data obtained from the PDF document will help you understand whether the requirements for the text are met or not.

To get the data you are interested in, just upload your PDF document in the upload field. Text statistics will be calculated in seconds - you will instantly know how many pages, paragraphs, lines, sentences, words and letters are contained in your PDF document.

How to get PDF document statistics online

  1. Upload PDF document to get statistical information about the number of pages, paragraphs, sentences, words, paragraphs, characters, etc.
  2. Your PDF document will be analyzed, after which you will receive statistics on the text.
  3. Enable the 'Include textboxes, footnotes, and endnotes' checkbox to update the displayed results.
Count PDF

Other Supported File Formats

You can get statistical information in several file formats. Please see list below.

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