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Find and Replace in HTML Online

With our HTML Text Replacer, you can quickly find and change text in a HTML document online. Just enter the text you like to find in the first text box, enter the text you want to replace with in the second text box, and click the button. Your HTML document will be ready in a few seconds. Replacing text in HTML files is simple, fast and fully free.

You have the ability to define the HTML document boundaries within which text will be searched and replaced: document content, comments, and metadata. You can also set the case sensitivity.

HTML Text Replacer Online

If you need to quickly replace a phrase throughout a HTML document, then our free Find and Replace in HTML app is just what you need. It can greatly facilitate the work with sample HTML documents, such as agreements and contracts. Instead of editing HTML files manually, you can accelerate the process and make the necessary modifications online with just a couple of expressions.

For example, you may need to rapidly change the customer's name in a sample HTML contract. Just enter two text expressions to find and replace in HTML, and you will instantly get a ready-made result that you can immediately print or send to your client by email.

Search and replace text in HTML file using Regex

Please note that our free app supports regular expression syntax, which makes it possible to specify Find and Replace expressions for HTML in a configurable way. Regular expressions (also called Regex) are a powerful mechanism for finding and replacing text in HTML files.

Why can regular expressions be better than plain text Find and Replace in HTML documents? - The fact is that a Regex allows you to set a search pattern that can cover a group of similar text fragments and replace them in a HTML at a time.

How to find and replace in HTML

  1. Upload a HTML file in which you want to replace the text.
  2. Enter the text you want to find in your HTML document.
  3. Enter the text to be replaced with.
  4. Click the button and wait for the HTML Find and Replace operation to complete.
  5. Download the modified HTML file back to your device.
Find and Replace in HTML

Other supported document formats

You can search and replace text in other file formats. Please see the list below.

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