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Replace commercial fonts with free similar fonts.

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Our app searches for free similar fonts to replace commercial fonts without losing text quality. Though every text font is unique, but there are still many similar fonts to replace popular fonts with the similar visual form of your content and your work quality

Our app automatically searches for the most similar fonts from our base of free fonts for commercial use. All you need to do is know a font’s name you want to replace with a similar font, type it into our app, and choose the one most visually alike. Visual searching guarantees the most accurate match with the font you need to replace.

You need to try our Similar Fonts Replace app if:

  • Your work or hobby is creating web content (websites, programs, or texts) and you want to change and expand your library of text fonts;
  • You found an appropriate commercial font but don’t have the resources for it;
  • You want to be sure the commercial text font is unique enough to be worth the cost;
  • You are a font creator and want to find out how unique and rare your fonts are.

The main advantage of using our app is avoiding the licensing restrictions of the font owner.

Our app works from any browser on any device. All processes run on our servers so no need for any registrations or install any software.

Our app is a virtual instrument powered by Aspose.PSD. All files are processed with Aspose APIs, which are used by many Fortune 100 companies across 114 countries. Our API in .NET or JAVA is useful for developers and comes with great documentation, clear code samples, and an all-dev support team.

  1. Pangram is a sentence with every letter of the alphabet in it.

PSD Font Replacement Catalog

  • A large free font base and we are constantly adding more.

  • Automatic font selection with our Fonts Replacement.

  • Visual comparison of all font alternatives and font analogs with the original font on the current page.

  • Our app uses prerendered text font examples by external services.

Features of the Aspose.PSD Font Catalog free app

How to use the Fonts Replacement app?

  • Specify the text font you want to replace with analog font or font alternative by typing the name of the font in the relevant space;

  • When you see the searched name in the list, click on it;

  • Click on “Find Similar Font” button;

  • Get a list of the font analogs and alternatives to compare them visually;

  • Pick one and copy its name by clicking the arrow following the name;

  • Search for and download your chosen font outside of Font Replacement app.

How to find a free font similar to the commercial font.


  • Can I get the same font as the commercial one?

    We don’t offer commercial fonts, but we do offer fonts alternatives and analog fonts.
  • How to compare the fonts I got as result of the searching process with the one I needed?

    After the end of the font search, you will get one text for every font found and you can see the visual difference on your own.
  • How can I get the closest analog font to the one I want?

    You will get the list of analog fonts and font alternatives, the first one is the most alike (in our opinion), but you are free to choose any analog font you like from the list by comparing them on your own.
  • How to find free analog fonts?

    Fonts replace app is ideal if you already have any favorite text fonts. Start writing the font name to make our app start to search for similar analog fonts.
  • Are those fonts free for commercial usage?

    Please read the font’s license before using it for commercial usage to be sure. Some licenses may allow more kinds of uses than others.
  • Can I embed those fonts in web pages, PDFs, e-Books, or apps?

    Each font has a row of indicators for its free typical uses. Please, read the license of the font you want to use to make sure.
  • Does it work on my phone?

    It works on any platform with any browser on any device.

Have you thought about your own PSD-based automation?

That's only part of features. Check our resources to learn more:

Find Similar Font Fast and Easy. Free Font replacement.

Quick and Easy Font Replacement

Start typing font name, select the desired font from fonts found in the catalogue. Then click FIND SIMILAR FONTS button and click on the found replacement font to copy its name to the clipboard.

Font Replacement Catalogue. Can be used from Windows, MacOs, iOs, Android or any device with a browser.

Similar Font from Anywhere

It works from all platforms including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. All files are processed on our servers. No plugin or software installation required for you

Font Replacement Catalogue is a useful product and provides convenient features on font matching.

Font Catalogue quality

Powered by PSD . All files are processed using Aspose APIs, which are being used by many Fortune 100 companies across 114 countries

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