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PSD Template Editor is a free and online PSD Edit tool that can update PSD Files, for example update text layers, replace images, resize and move layers, view psd files by layers.

If you're a developer do this with our API by C# or Java.

It's a third party app, that hasn't Adobe® Photoshop® dependency, but use Aspose.PSD and provides simple way to quickly edit Adobe® Photoshop® files online. Please note, this app doesn't use any commercial fonts, it tries to find the most similar free font for replacement.

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Features of the Aspose.PSD Template free app

Aspose.PSD Template Editor App

  • Edit PSD Text Online
  • Replace Regular Layer
  • Show / Hide PSD layers
  • Supported Documents: PSD, PSB.
How to quickly update PSD file online without Adobe® Photoshop®

How to use Aspose.PSD Template to Update PSD Layers

  • Drag and drop or browse PSD or PSB file
  • After the page loading you will be able to edit PSD Document
  • Current version supports Text Layer Update and Layer Replacing
  • Also, all changes like displaying/hiding of Adjustment Layers and Clipping masks are available
  • To save you file just press buttons "Download Updated Psd", "Download as Jpeg", "Download as Png"
Fast and easy way for quick update of Text or Graphic Layer of Photoshop® files

Quick and easy editing layers in PSD

Minimalistic online app to update PSD as a Template. Update text layers, Replace Layer Images, Resize PSD Layers, WYSIWYG features.

Online PSD Template Editor. Can be used from Windows, MacOs, iOs, Android or any device with browser

Update PSD or PSB from Anywhere

It works from all platforms including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. All files are processed on our servers. No plugin or software installation required for you.

PSD Template updater is a high-quality product and provides unique simple UI for most popular Photoshop® features

Replace layer image or update text layer

Powered by Aspose.PSD. All files are processed using Aspose APIs, which are being used by many Fortune 100 companies across 114 countries.


  • I have some Template in PSD File. I need to replace some layers online. What's application I should use?
    Aspose PSD Template is a Simple PSD Online Editor that provides functionality for quick editing of PSD templates like Replacing, updating the Text Layer, resizing of aany layers
  • I haven't Adobe® Photoshop®. Can I use Aspose PSD Template?
    Yes. You can use PSD Template app without Photoshop. Template PSD Editor uses Aspose.PSD for .Net Library as Backend and hasn't any Photoshop dependencies.
  • Which types of Layer replacing in PSD File are supported in PSD Template App?
    You can replace any regular layer by Png, Jpeg, Gif, Tiff, BMP or Jpeg2000 file. You can choose fitting in the old layer bounds option or add new layer with the real size. Then you can resize layer.
  • In which output format can be saved PSD File from Template?
    Aspose PSD Template can save PSD File to PSD, PNG or Jpeg file formats
  • Is Aspose PSD Template App free?
    PSD Template App can be online from any device and it's free to use.