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Recognize machine-readable answer sheets in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu, and other right to left languages. Create Answer Sheet application.

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Aspose.OMR answer sheet reader

Machine-readable answer sheets are essential elements of any written test, assessment, and class evaluation. This free online application allows you to recognize SAT forms, AMIR, YAEL, and TOEFL assessments, and other printable answer sheets generated by Create RTL answer sheet online application.

Printed answer sheets can be filled out with a pen, pencil or marker. After that, you can scan the completed form or simply take a picture of it with the camera of your smartphone right in the classroom. With this application, you can forget about tedious and error-prone manual scoring or waiting for a Scantron device – you can instantly get highly accurate results that can be imported into your student database. The application is specifically tailored for right to left languages: Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu, and others. It works directly from a web browser without installing any applications and writing a single line of code.

This free app provided by  Aspose.OMR

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Machine-readable answer sheets for popular exams

How to read answer sheet

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Step 1

Configure the answer sheet

Provide exactly the same settings as you specified in Create RTL answer sheet online application.

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Step 2

Provide a completed form

Browse for a photos or scanned images of completed answer sheets.

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Step 3

Recognize answer sheet

Click the Scan button and wait for the form to be recognized.

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Step 4

Download results

Click Download button to get recognition results in the selected format.


Do I need a scanner?

Scanned answer sheets provide the most accurate results. However, you can simply take a photo of a completed answer sheet and recognize it with almost the same accuracy.

How to scan a photo?

You can scan and read completed answer sheets using your smartphone’s camera as a scanner. To get the perfect result, follow a few simple guidelines: Hold your smartphone parallel to the paper. Make user the image is well lit with minimal glares and gradients. The page must cover the entire area of the photo. All black squares in the corners must fit the frame.

Can I recognize multiple answer sheets at once?

Yes, the application supports batch recognition. Simply provide more than one completed form printed from the same template.

How to fill answer sheets?

Bubbles can be filled with a pen, pencil or marker. Solid filling with a dark pen or marker guarantees the most accurate results.

Can I recognize an answer sheet from third-party app?

No. The original answer sheet template must be created in Create RTL answer sheet online application or with Aspose.OMR library .

Can I use the app from mobile devices?

Yes, the application works in all popular web browsers on any device and platform, including smartphones.

Is this app free?

Our app is 100% free, without restrictions, built-in ads, or hidden payments. Use it to read any number of answer sheets for as long as you need.

The features you will like

Scan from anywhere

Scan from anywhere

Simply take a photo of a completed answer sheet in class and instantly get a result on your smartphone.

Suitable for everyone

Suitable for everyone

The application does not require coding skills or tedious and error-prone manual scoring – recognition is performed automatically in a few seconds.

No equipment needed

No equipment needed

Use an existing office copier or even a smartphone camera instead of an expensive scanner or Scantron scoring machine. You can even recognize rotated and skewed images.