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Create machine-readable answer sheets in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu, and other right to left languages.

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Aspose.OMR answer sheet generator

Machine-readable answer sheets are essential elements of any written test, assessment, and class evaluation. This free online application allows you to create SAT forms, AMIR, YAEL, and TOEFL assessments, and other printable answer sheets for quick quizzes, theory exams, proficiency tests, and final exams. Generated answer sheets can be printed on a regular office printer and filled out with a pen, pencil or marker. After that, you can simply take a picture of the completed form with the camera of your smartphone right in the classroom and recognize it using Scan RTL answer sheet online application.

The application is specifically tailored for right to left languages: Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu, and others. It works directly from a web browser without installing any applications and writing a single line of code. You also do not have to learn design tools – the app automatically aligns all elements to fit the page perfectly. The printable form is fully compatible with Aspose Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) technology and can be reused in desktop applications based on Aspose.OMR for NET library and Aspose.OMR mobile app.

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Machine-readable answer sheets for popular exams

How to create answer sheet

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Step 1

Set the number of questions

Specify the number of questions in the accompanying assessment.

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Step 2

Set the number of answers

Select the number of answers per question.

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Step 3

Generate the form

Click the Generate button and wait for the form to be displayed.

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Step 4

Download answer sheet

Click Download button to get the printable form.


Is there a limit on the number of questions?

All questions must fit one page. The total number is dynamically calculated based on the page size and the number of bubbles.

Can I control the number of columns?

The app automatically adjusts the design of the answer sheet to best suit the selected paper.

Can I remove or replace Aspose logo?

No, all answer sheets generated by the application are Aspose-branded.

How to print answer sheets?

Answer sheets can be printed on a regular office printer. No special paper or ink is required. Please note that the paper size must exactly match the size of the answer sheet – shrinking or upscaling is not supported.

Can I use the app from mobile devices?

Yes, the application works in all popular web browsers on any device and platform, including smartphones.

Is this app free?

Our app is 100% free, without restrictions, built-in ads, or hidden payments. Use it to create any number of answer sheets for as long as you need.

What should I do next?

Print out the answer sheet and distribute it to your students along with the assessment or quiz. They must fill in the answer bubbles with a pen or marker. Then scan or take a photo of each completed form and recognize it using Scan RTL answer sheet online application.

The features you will like

Create from anywhere

Create from anywhere

Answer sheets are generated by high-performance Aspose Cloud. The application has minimal hardware or operating system requirements - you can use it even on netbooks and mobile devices.

Suitable for everyone

Suitable for everyone

Creating answer sheets does not require knowledge of design tools or programming – all elements are automatically aligned to perfectly fit the selected page size.

No equipment needed

No equipment needed

Answer sheets can be printed on standard paper using a regular office printer. Respondents can fill your forms with a pen, pencil, or marker.