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    Interactively build machine-readable forms and convert your OMR sheets to Aspose.OMR format.


    Design OMR sheets online

    This free online editor enables you to interactively design printable OMR sheets that are fully compatible with the Aspose.OMR recognition engine. With our tool, you can quickly create answer sheets, surveys, questionnaires, and other machine-readable forms without the need to learn template or write a single line of code. Simply place the elements on the sheet using your mouse, drag, and resize them to best suit your requirements. Moreover, you can take it a step further and design Aspose.OMR forms directly from your approved templates and printouts, using the original image as a background.

    Once done, you get the printable OMR sheet and a special recognition pattern file that is required for Aspose.OMR API to recognize the hand-filled marks. The OMR sheet image can be printed on a regular office printer and filled with a pen, pencil or marker. Use your existing office copier or even a smartphone camera to capture an image of the completed form and recognize it with Aspose.OMR library. Recognition results are nearly 100% accurate, eliminating the long, tedious and error-prone manual processing.

    Template builder video

    Ready-made answer sheets

    Do you need an answer sheet for a popular exam without any effort? Explore our collection of professional templates, fully compatible with the Aspose.OMR recognition engine.