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    Enter your grades and get your needed final grade

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    You can use our Final Grade Calculator to calculate the final exam grade that needs in order to get the overall course grade that you desire. Our calculator requires you to enter the current percentage score that you currently have for this course, as well as the weight of the final exam as a percentage.

    To calculate the final grade required for the course, enter the current grade in the first field, the desired grade in the second input field, and the weight of the final grade in the last. After entering all the values, click the "Calculate" button to get the results. The final grade calculator provides the most accurate results in the blink of an eye. He will tell you the grade required for the final exam. All calculations are free.

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    How to calculate Final Grade

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    Step 1

    Enter you current grade

    Enter your current school grade in percent.

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    Step 2

    Enter grade what you need

    Enter grade what you want in percent.

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    Step 3

    Enter final exam weight

    Enter the weight of the final exam in percent.

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    Step 4

    Get Final Grade

    Click the button and get the Final Grade that you need.


    What is final grade?

    Final grade is a grade you need on a final exam to reach a target grade for the course.

    How do I calculate the needed final grade percentage?

    You can calculate the minimum grade you need to score on the final exam using the formula: Required = (Goal − Current × (100% − Final Weight)) / Final Weight

    Which grading scale is used in calculation?

    Standard 5 points A/B/C/D/F scale is used by default. However, you can select 12 points scale that additionally uses +/- signs by clicking on Extended button above the calculator.

    Can I calculate final grade on Linux, Mac OS, or Android?

    Final Grade calculator works online and does not require any software installation.

    What browser should I use to calculate grades?

    You can use any modern browser to calculate grades, for example, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari.

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