The app is designed for:
  • creating random points, lines or polygons on the interactive given plane by your parameters;
  • working with it online;
  • saving the results to GPX, KML, Geojson, or Topojson formats on your device.

Input your own parameters for more accurate results, such as:
  • The parameters of the given plane (rectangle), where: xMin; yMin; xMax; yMax are used for specifying the dimensions of the given plane in pixels.
  • The parameters of the objects, where:
    1. Count is the number of Points/lines/polygons you want to create on the plane;
    2. Seed is a number used to calculate the seed value for a sequence of pseudo-random numbers.
    3. Min Points and Max Points – minimum/maximum random length of the polygon’s sides (Appears after choosing polygons as a type of object).

! You can input this file to the GIS Viewer app to convert it to any format supported by your device. In this case you don’t need any other software on your PC or other device.
basic features

GIS Object Generator

  • With our interactive app you can zoom in and out of your generated given plane.
  • You can work with this app online without any limits or download the generated file in one of the most popular formats (GPX, KML, Geojson, or Topojson) on your device.
  • In case you don’t have software for visualizing this file, you can use the GIS Viewer app (link) to convert it to other formats, so you don’t need any other software on your PC or other device.
how to

How to use the Object Generator

  • Enter the parameters (xMin, yMin, xMax, yMax) of the rectangle on which you want to place the objects;
  • Select the generated Format from the drop-down list (the default format is GPX);
  • Select the Object type from the drop-down list (the default type is Points);
  • Input the Count of the number of objects you want on your interactive given plane (the default is 200);
  • Input the Seed number;
  • Click "Generate" to generate and visualize the interactive given plane on your screen;
  • Download the generated file to your device by clicking the relevant button;
  • Click "Restart" to refresh the page.
Features of the Aspose.Gis GeoGenerator free app


  1. Does it work with a phone?

    Yes. It works with any device.
  2. What is the given plane?

    Here it’s a rectangle which is the rendering area for placing random objects.
  3. 💻 Can I place points, lines, and polygons in one file?

    You can place only one type of object at a time.
Version: 23.48.1
(Release notes)