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Geotag Photo is a web-based app designed for geotagging1 images and photos with latitude and longitude coordinates. You can use it to remove or correct pre-existing geotags in your image files or create entirely new geotags. Supported input formats include JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, DBF, BMP, and SVG, with the output in JPG format.


Geotagging primarily relies on GPS (Global Positioning System) data and uses a latitude and longitude coordinate system to represent global locations, ranging from 180° west to 180° east along the Equator and 90° north to 90° south along the prime meridian.

With our app, you can:
  • Extract and remove coordinates from your photo (works for all photos taken with geotag-enabled smartphones and digital cameras);
  • Visualize the location where your photo was taken on the World Map;
  • Add any location to your photo;
  • Save the result in JPG format on your device.

Geotagging is an easy and fast process with our Geotag photo app. Just drop or upload the file in one of the supported formats to see its existing contents. You can manually add or modify existing geotags by clicking on any spot on the map, with coordinates automatically appearing in the New Geotag field. Finally, save the modified JPG file to your device.

Common reasons to geotag photos:
  • Instant messaging apps often compress images, removing geotags and related information;
  • Many digital cameras lack a built-in geolocation feature;
  • Users may occasionally forget to enable geotagging on their phones or cameras;
  • GPS tends to increase battery usage.

It's important to note that geotags cannot guarantee the accuracy of the photo's location since it can be changed, making it uncertain if it's tagged to the actual photo location.

Our app works on any browser and device. All processes run on our servers, so there's no need for any registrations or software installations. Currently, the Geotag Photo app supports geotagging one image at a time, but it offers unlimited usage.

Our app is a virtual instrument powered by Aspose.GIS. All files are processed with Aspose.APIs, which are being used by many Fortune 100 companies across 114 countries.

All files are processed with Aspose.APIs, which are useful for developers to work (reading, writing, and converting) with the most popular GIS file formats and come with great documentation, clear code samples, and an all-dev support team.
basic features

GIS Geotag Photo

  • Supports formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, DBF, BMP, and SVG;
  • Output format: JPG;
  • View the image GPS position on the World map.
how to

How to add geotags to photos online

  • Drop or Upload your JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, DBF, BMP, or SVG file into the designated area on the screen;
  • If your photo already contains geotag information, these coordinates will be displayed in the Existing Coordinates field. To remove them, use the Clear Geotags button;
  • To manually add or modify geotags, use the interactive map. Click on the map to specify the photo capture location. The new coordinates will automatically appear in the New Geotag field;
  • Click on the Write Geotags button to save all changes;
  • Click the Download button to download the geotagged photo in JPG format directly to your device.
Features of the Aspose.Gis GeotagPhoto free app


  1. Why can't I change the coordinates in the New Geotag field?

    Click with the left mouse button to mark the location with a pin on the map, and new coordinates will automatically appear in the New Geotag field.
  2. How can I add geotags to my photos taken with a camera without a GPS?

    Use the Aspose.Geotag Photo app to manually add geotags to your photo files.
  3. 📁 Why am I only getting JPG as a result?

    The way geotags are attached to JPG files is standardized and can be handled by many other websites and editing tools. Other types of image files do not officially support geotagging yet.
  4. Can I add multiple files into the same geotagging process?

    Only one image or photo per geotagging process.
  5. Can I add any location to my image?

    Yes, but Geotags cannot confirm the location where the photo was taken because the location can be changed.
  6. 💻 Is my data safe when I use the Geotag Photo app?

    Yes, your uploaded photos and geotag information are processed on our secure servers, and we do not store any personal or image data beyond the processing period. All data will be automatically deleted within 24 hours from our servers.
  7. 🌐 Are there any limits on the size or resolution of the files that can be processed?

    Geotag Photo can handle various image sizes and resolutions. However, processing very large files may result in longer processing times.
Version: 24.22.1
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