This app is designed for quickly getting all available information about an SRS by entering the appropriate EPSG code. The SRS reference app will help in getting the information of any SRS includes: the name of an SRS, its geodetic Datum1, the type of its coordinate system2 and its WKT3 (Well-Known-Text).
basic features

GIS SRS Reference

  • The app works on any devices without needing any additional software and no requesting of the registration.
  • All you need is just an EPSG code (you can get one in our clickable EPSG Library by scrolling down the page) and a little time.
how to

How to use the SRS reference app?

  • Enter the EPSG code.
  • Click the "Search" button.
  • Our app will quickly display the SRS details of the code you entered.

Other Popular Epsg codes

Perhaps you might also be interested information about another EPSG codes?

Version: 23.12.3
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