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Free Online Microsoft Project Viewer

Open, View, Export as Images & Download your MS Project files, Oracle Primavera P6 or MS Project Online documents

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Aspose.Tasks Viewer is free online web application to view Microsoft Project (MPP & XML & XER) online on any platform. Microsoft Project Online documents from Office 365 and Oracle Primavera P6 files are supported.
  • Supported Documents: MPP, MPX, XER, XML
  • Supported Microsoft Project Web Application (Microsoft Project Online)
  • View your Project online as an html representation

Integrate Microsoft Project Viewer in your own projects

This free tool is based on Aspose.Tasks for .NET, which is a fast API for Microsoft Project Viewer. You can use it in your own apps and integrate Viewer in your C# .NET projects. Aspose.Tasks for .NET is suitable in the following scenarios:
  • High performance Microsoft Project Viewer with native APIs.
  • Integrate Microsoft Project Viewer in your own project/solution.
  • 100% private on premise APIs. Your files are processed at your own servers.

Please visit to try Aspose.Tasks for .NET in your own apps.

How to use Aspose.Tasks Viewer App
  • Select or drag & drop your project (or select online).
  • Click on “View” button.
  • You will be redirected to the Viewer app.
How to use Aspose.Tasks Viewer App