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The Title Tag Checker is a free online tool to verify your website title meta tags and issues with them. Just enter a URL or add an HTML document to get started. Title Tag Checker inspects whether a web page has a title and whether the title element describes the document (WCAG 2.1 Technique H25). The length of the title tag is also checked - the recommended length is 20-70 characters. The tool generates a report describing the status of the checked webpage, a description of deficiencies, and code fragments in which the issue was found.

The Title Tag is a vital HTML element that tells users and search engines what the topic of the webpage is and the type of keywords the page should rank for. To ensure your website ranks high, reaches the target audience, and delivers better results, verifying your titles for proper optimization is essential. Utilize our free online Title Tag Checker for assistance!
  • Powerful and robust Title Tag Checker
  • Analyze, optimize and improve your website's title meta tag
  • Boost SEO and enhance your website's visibility
  • Designed to focus on full WCAG 2.0 compliance
  • Work from your favorite device
  • No limits, no registration and installation of additional software

How to check title meta tag

  • Select an HTML loading way from the drop-down menu. You can load a webpage via URL, upload a file from your device, or add code to check a title meta tag.
  • Click the „Check“ button to start validation. The Title Tag Checker will scan your website or HTML document for errors and issues with SEO recommendations and WCAG compliance.
  • A report will appear describing the status of the checked webpage. In the report, you will see a description of deficiencies, and code fragments in which the issue was found.
  • You can export the report to JSON, XML, or TXT file for additional analysis.

  • What are title tags?Title tags are HTML elements that define the title of a web page. They are displayed on the title bar of web browsers and serve as a clickable headline in search engine results. In an HTML document, the page's title is placed between `title` tags within the `head` container, which is the area where you insert metadata to describe the elements of a document. A compelling title tag enhances click-through rates when visitors assess whether a page meets their needs.
  • Why is title tag important for SEO?The title meta tag is an important ranking factor, particularly if it contains relevant keywords. Title tags are important for both search engine optimization SEO and user experience, including people with disabilities, providing a brief and accurate description of the page's content. Well-optimized title tags can enhance a website's visibility in search engine rankings and attract users by clearly indicating what the page is about.
  • Does Google always use the title tag?No. The title tag signals to Google what they should use in SERPs, but Google may choose something else entirely. Google may sometimes generate a different title for a page in the search results if it believes that a different title would provide a better user experience or if the specified title doesn't seem relevant to the user's query. Google rewrites 61% of page title tags. Aim for 51-55 characters to avoid title rewrites. But even such meta-titles were rewritten in about 40% of cases.
  • Fast and Easy Title Tag Checker

    Load HTML and click the „Check“ button to run the application. The tool examines WCAG compliance, producing a detailed report containing error counts, issue descriptions, and impacted code sections.
  • Check Title Meta Tag from Anywhere

    The Title Tag Checker works from all platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. All files are processed on our servers. No plugin or software installation required for you.
  • Title Tag Checker Quality

    When you run the Title Tag Checker it uses Aspose APIs, which are established well in the software industry and used by many Fortune 100 companies across 114 countries.
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