Data Scrapers apps are a set of free online applications to get data from websites. Using our web extracting tools, you're able to get data from the Internet in seconds. Our apps are safe, work on any platform and do not require any software installation. You can extract data from websites on any device. Data Scrapers can be used for image extracting, getting keywords from a webpage, video downloading, web page downloading etc. They are easy and clear to use, yet forceful and reliable. Try the Data Scrapers apps and extract data from any web page now!

Note: Using the Data Scrapers apps require you to accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. We do not support downloading data and using other people's files for commercial purposes without their express permission. We are not responsible for any copyright infringement that may occur when using these tools.

  • Easy Web Scraping
    Using Data Scrapers is super easy. Make a few clicks to extract images, keywords, videos and more. Our apps are clear and intuitive yet powerful and reliable. Extract data from web pages automatically now for free!
  • Learn and Try
    To learn more about API, please visit the Web Scraping chapter of our documentation. You can download the examples and showcase projects from the GitHub repository. Using Aspose.HTML API that is entirely based on W3C specification and supports XPath and CSS Selector queries you can easily inspect the content of any HTML document and create your own Web Scraping solution.
  • Platform Independence
    Data Extracting is a way to get data from websites. Our browser-based apps work from all platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android and iOS. No registration, plugin or software installation required for you. Work from your favorite device!
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