LaTeX is a popular packet created on the basis of TeX. You may also find its meaning as one of the TeX formats. Although it wasn't originally designed to deal with complex graphics, modern TeX engines, and certain LaTeX packages can satisfy a fairly wide range of needs related to graphic figures in documents. One of the features of LaTeX is the ability to generate high-quality plots, graphs, and diagrams directly within the document using packages such as TikZ, PGFplots, and gnuplot.

LaTeX plots use using mathematical expressions and commands that define the axis labels, titles, colors, and styles of the plot. The resulting plots can be exported to various file formats such as PDF, PNG, or SVG.

When would you need to use LaTeX Plot Generator?

• If you are working on your term paper, essay, or scientific work that includes function plots, histograms, etc.

This app is a tool to design and render plots and save the result as a more popular file format. It works online on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOs, and anywhere, so you do not have to install any software to work with them. It includes expression builders to help you create LaTeX math formulas and plot expressions where they are allowed. In addition, you can also create your own style of the plot by specifying the desirable colors or by changing the scale or resolution.

To create figures in LaTeX programmatically, take a closer look at the Documentation chapter.

  • Plot graphs with LaTeX.
  • Edit and render plot figures online.
  • Tune graphs with colors, scale, and resolution.
  • Save the result as image file of a popular format.
  • Easy-to-use LaTeX flowchart generator.

How to draw diagram in LaTeX with graph generator

  • Choose the app according to the format you want the result to be saved to.
  • To get to the settings of the plot click the ∑ button
  • To design the plot figure enter settings into the form. The Plot N settings groups allow you to enter (or build using the provided expression builder) a plot expression, which is the only required parameter.
  • Specify a legend, color, sample rate, and function's domain for the plot of this particular function.
  • Plot multiple functions in the same coordinate space by cloning a settings group. For this, click the + button in the upper right corner.
  • After that, you can delete it or change its order as needed.
  • The single Axis settings group allows you to specify the positioning and labels for X and Y axis.
  • You can also choose the option to report errors if any. For this, put the mark in the Show options cell.
  • Click the View button. Your plots will be rendered and shown below.
  • Download the resulting image as you would download any other image.


  • Can you make plots in LaTeX?Yes, you can. Here is a cross-platform tool that will help with it.
  • How to plot graphs using LaTeX?First, you need to fill up the settings form. Then, click on the View button. When rendering is completed, you will see the result below. You can download it like any other image in a web browser.
  • Where would I need to use LaTeX Plots?This is a versatile tool useful in a wide range of applications where high-quality graphics are needed. You may need it when working on websites, presentations, or scientific and technical documents.
  • What is the best plot file type for LaTeX?It depends on the way you are going to use the result. The most common and used are formats of vector image graphics or pdf.
  • Is it a fast LaTeX diagram generator?The graph generator LaTeX works fast. The plot rendering takes a few seconds.
  • Plot graphs using LaTeX Fast and Easily

    Enter a plot expression, specify optional settings, if needed, and click on the View button. You will see the result below soon.
  • Create plots from Anywhere

    Available on any platform including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. No plugin or software installation is required.
  • LaTeX Diagram Maker Quality

    The application works using Aspose APIs, which are being used by many Fortune 100 companies across 114 countries.
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