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Professional Email signature generator for Outlook, Gmail and Thunderbird. Use our customisable email signature templates

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Email signature generator - an application for creating email signatures. A signature is a formatted HTML document that is automatically inserted at the end of an email. It may contain a lot of helpful information. It can be your contact details, phone, email, address, etc.
We use two main types of signature templates. These are lightweight and self-contained signatures. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Light signatures do not contain embedded images and icons. All of these elements are downloaded from the Internet whenever you or your recipient opens an email. Such signatures are good because your letters remain easy to forward. Another important advantage of the lightweight type is that they are the only ones supported by the GMail Web client. On the other hand, the need to download media content every time can lead to the fact that sometimes there will be download failures, and your letters will look less correct if you view your mail offline. In addition, over time, media content may be removed from access, and the site on which the pictures are published may fail or simply be closed. When uploading an avatar or logo, you will need to find an image host yourself. This hosting should provide direct links to images. All this greatly complicates the customization of templates.
The Self-contained type differs in that the signature contains all the information for display. You can be sure that your signature will look equally good regardless of the availability of the Internet. Pictures can be loaded into the template directly from the disk. Such signatures will open perfectly in all email clients, including Gmail. But on the other hand, you cannot add such a signature to your own Gmail account. Gmail does not support inline signature media elements. Also, the more multimedia content you add to your signature, the more space it will take up. The size of each email you send will increase. Typically, this increase is not significant and does not affect the sending of emails, but nonetheless.
We are actively working on improving our Email Signature application. We finalize templates, add new functionality and improve the interface. You can always return to this page and make sure that we are not standing still and that it might be worth generating an email signature again. To get a better and more beautiful signature.
As a rule, we create our templates based on HTML tables. This is not the most modern way to lay out templates. On the other hand, tables are much better supported by more email clients. Even if you found a template somewhere that was made using more modern technologies, uploaded it to your client, and saw that everything is displayed well. There is no guarantee that the recipient of your letter will look just as beautiful. And it is very important for us that your signature always looks neat and complete.
Many of our templates contain a variety of fields to fill out. This allows you to make signatures rich with useful links. Most email users now have multiple accounts on a variety of social networks. In addition, there are many other ways to contact them. On the other hand, not everyone wants to lay out absolutely all the information about themselves at once. For this case, we have provided dynamic signature elements. You just need to leave the field blank and the corresponding element will be removed from the signature. It will be removed, not hidden, to avoid accidental displays and make the signature lighter. You can also clear all fields by clicking on the appropriate button. We usually leave all fields at their default values so you can see our templates in all their glory.

How to change signatures in Gmail?

  1. Click the "Create signature" button. The Email signature app will be loaded.
  2. Choose the template you want to use and click the "Next" button. For Gmail Web client choose only lightweight templates.
  3. Enter your own data to the template fields. Don't forget to remove all sample information.
  4. Click the "Next" button, when you ready. On the last page click the "Copy signature as Rich text to clipboard".
  5. Open your Gmail account settings at the link.
  6. At the "Signature" section, press the "Create new" button. Set the name for it.
  7. Now you can paste your signature from the clipboard to the corresponding editor. Don't forget to set the "Signature defaults" below.
  8. Scroll the settings page down to the end and click the "Save changes" button. Done, your signature is set.


How to change signature in Outlook?

Click the "Create signature" button. In the opened window choose the template you want to use. You can use both lightweight and self-contained. Then click the "Next" button and fill all your data. Click the "Next" button again. On the last page click the "Copy signature as Rich text to clipboard" button. Then, open the link. Add new signature and paste it from the clipboard to the corresponding editor window. Done, now you have a signature. Don't forget to set it as the default one.

What is a good signature for email?

Email signature should contain all the necessary information to contact you via phone, instant messengers or follow you on social network. You can also add your photo, job title and company you work in. It would be much better to use HTML for email signatures. Such signature should contain hyperlinks and formatting to improve readability. We also recommend to use icons. Creating such signatures could be tricky, so we recommend to use special applications for it. For example, our Email signature generator. It supports Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird and lots of other email clients.

How to write an email signature?

Email signature should contain your full name, phone number, instant messengers, links to your social media accounts etc. You can use our Email signature generator to create formatted signatures with all such information.
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