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Email Extractor online helps you extract email addresses from different file formats

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Our application is a free online email extractor that will help you to extract email addresses from files of various formats.
You can upload PDF, PPT, DOC, EML, TXT, XLSX and many other formats to our email extractor.
Email extractor will help you efficiently extract email addresses for distribution contained in different files. Of course, you can do it manually, but it will take a lot of time and there is still a chance to miss something. If, for example, you have a lot of emails from clients and partners, you can save them in EML format files, upload them simultaneously to our application and get the resulting list. In addition, you may have documents in PDF format. It is not so easy to find an email address in a large file by browsing, especially if there are a lot of these files. For example, you may have contracts stored in pdf format and you need to make a newsletter to your customers, and there may be dozens or even hundreds of these contracts, then our application will help you. Or, for example, you have commercial offers from other companies and at the moment you are interested in their offer. You would like to send them letters, asking to send a new commercial offer with current prices.
At the moment, the result is presented as a list of addresses extracted from each file. We plan to improve the presentation of the extraction result, it may just be necessary to provide one resulting list, or it is still important to have a separate list for each file. It is important for us to know your opinion. We will be grateful for the feedback or wishes about improving our application. It may be necessary to add an option that will give the ability to exclude certain addresses or addresses with a certain domain from search results. For example, this may be relevant if you extract addresses from EML files, then your address and the addresses of your colleagues are present there, and it is important for you to send letters only to your partners. Or vice versa, you want to extract the addresses of only your colleagues who participated in the correspondence and deal with some issue and send letters only to them.
How does it work? Everything is very simple and difficult at the same time. The file you upload is read by email extractor. It reads files depending on the format. We use libraries developed by our company to work with files of different formats. Then it is converted into a text format and email addresses are found in the text using regular expressions.
You can also upload the ZIP archive. Email extractor unpacks ZIP archives and scans all packed files. For example, you can upload a zipped copy of a website.
Our service can not only detect valid email addresses, but also search for those that are protected by email masking.

How to extract email?

Step 1

Upload your files

Click inside the file drop area to upload document files or drag & drop document files.

Step 2

Extract email addresses

Click on the EXTRACT button. The application will analyze the uploaded files and extract email addresses.

Step 3

Get Result

The list of the extracted addresses will be saved to a text file. The download link of this result file will be available instantly after extraction.

Step 4

Get result by email

You can also send a link to the result to your email address.


Can I extract emails from PDF online?

The Email Extractor application can extract email addresses from PDF files. Drag & drop a PDF file to the file drop area and click on the EXTRACT button. File will be uploaded to the server and scanned for email addresses. All found addresses will be saved to a text file.

How can I extract emails for free?

You don't have to download any extractor application to your computer/phone/tablet. You can use our free online app. Upload your files using our file upload form and click on the EXTRACT button.

How do I extract an email from a spreadsheet?

Some spreadsheet processing applications have features for extracting email addresses. Some of them support email extracting extensions. Also, you can use our online application. The Email Extractor app scans spreadsheet documents and collects all addresses to the text file.
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