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Random email generator. Safe Email address generator app

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Use Email generator to create temporary addresses. Such addresses can be used when registering on dubious sites. These sites often send out unsolicited messages or even share addresses with third parties. It won't be long before you get tired of deleting junk mail.
Our app allows you to create a temporary address based on your Gmail account. This approach is much more convenient, faster and safer. You don't have to set up access to the fake Gmail address, come up with passwords, or prove that you are not a robot. All messages will be sent to your usual mail account. The question remains, if all spam is going to your main account, then what is the advantage of the fake email? After all, unwanted messages will clog up your main account in the same way!
In fact, all this spam can be automatically blocked thanks to the use of the fake address. The fact is that the exact address of the recipient is indicated in the metadata of all incoming letters. If you gave your fake gmail to the sender, then this address will be indicated in the message headers.
The app gives you a set of instructions to do whatever you want with these messages. You can find all messages received at the disposable address, then mark them as read, archive them, or move them elsewhere. You can also use our instructions to set up an automatic filter for messages received at the generated Gmail. For example, you can set up automatic deletion of all unwanted messages so that they never bother you again.
Yes, it's a bit of a hassle, you'll have to follow some extra steps. But, on the other hand, look how many advantages this approach gives you:
  • As a rule, temporary addresses are blocked by many popular sites. But not in our case, because emails are generated using your unique Gmail account.
  • You can manage the lifetime of your fake Gmail yourself.
  • You can do with messages received on the generated email as you see fit, not only delete and block them, but also mark them, move them to an archive, and even forward them to someone.
  • We will not have access to messages you receive, so all your messages will be secure.
  • No one can accuse you of using a disposable email because you are essentially just using a pseudonym for your personal account.

We believe that our app is one of the most simple, flexible, and secure solutions available today. However, we understand that not everyone will enjoy reading the instructions and manually setting up message processing. Therefore, we are developing the next version of the application. In the future, you will be able to connect your Gmail account to it using OAuth technology. This will allow our application to block unwanted messages automatically. This application will still not read your mail, although it will have access to your Gmail account settings. In any case, all users who do not want to provide access to their mail will be able to configure the generated email manually.

Usual email generators

It is quite easy to find an Email generator application on the Internet. This is a very common type of software product.
Usually, one or more domain names are registered to implement such an application. Then, a special mail server is created. This server works in close conjunction with the database of temporary addresses. Each time the server receives a new message, it checks the database to see if the recipient's address is up to date. If the address is up-to-date, the server safely stores the received letter in the database.
As a rule, you can view the letter received at the temporary address directly on the application web page.
In general, the approach is quite convenient. For example, when registering on a website. You open Email generator, it gives you a temporary address. You specify this address when registering on the site. The site sends a message to confirm the address. Looking at the tab with the generator, you see a letter, open it and follow the confirmation link.
At first glance, everything is very simple and convenient. What's the point of creating other email generators? Especially if they require you to enter your Gmail account. But let's figure it out anyway.

Blocking email generators

Any self-respecting site wants to get as many real users as possible, with real email addresses. This will allow the site to do mass mailings, lure users so that they continue to use content, watch ads, pay for subscriptions, etc. Nobody wants to send mailings to temporary addresses for nothing.
To solve this problem, various communities on the Internet create lists of domain names used by various fake address generators. These lists are huge and are updated by the community every day. Then, site owners plug these lists into their signup forms. This allows them to block the registration of new users using a temporary address.
Imagine the situation, you are looking for some important document on the Internet. We came across the site and realized that registration is required to download the document. But you understand that if you specify your main mail account, this site will then flood you with its letters for ages. Do not even rely on the magic Unsubscribe button at the end of the letter or on the spam filter. The author of the site knows all these tricks and will torment you with his letters for a long time to come. You definitely need a temporary email.
And so you found some popular email generator on the Internet, it gave you a temporary address on its domain. Great, you can register. You fill out a long questionnaire, come up with some kind of password, fill in a captcha, indicate your temporary address, press the treasured button and see the message “this e-mail address is not suitable”. The form is reopened, passwords are cleared, captchas are cleared, a lot of time is wasted.
Gmail-based email generators are another matter. The fact is that Gmail is a very popular email provider. Site builders can't afford not to use mail on the gmail.com domain. So you can lose a huge part of the audience. On the other hand, Gmail itself allows you to create an unlimited number of aliases for a single address. So the solution is just perfect.

Security of using disposable addresses

Of course, few people think about the security of email generators. On the one hand, this is the first time you see the site of a temporary mail provider. On the other hand, you are not going to receive any important data to a temporary address, are you? But in practice, situations are different. For example, you registered on some site using temporary mail. After some time, you forgot which address you used to register. Use the site as if your account is linked to your personal Gmail account or something similar. And now, at some point, you discover that someone can conduct activities on the site on your behalf, reset your password, get access to a linked credit card, etc. Not the most pleasant news. But the temporary mail generator didn't give you any guarantees, it continues to receive messages from the site meant for you personally.
In the meantime, you can create a disposable address based on your Gmail account. In this case, letters from the site will be sent to your personal account, registered with a reliable provider and protected by a password. In this case, all unwanted mail can be blocked at any time.

Restoring temporary fake emails

Temporary addresses have another significant drawback, they are temporary. It would seem that this is their advantage, but every medal has two sides. As we already wrote in the example above, let's say that you used a temporary address to register on some site. If you need this site again, you will not re-register on it. You already have an account. And now, after some time, you are already actively using this account as your personal one. One day you will have to use the address with which you registered on the site. For example, to recover a password. But access to the used temporary mail is forever lost. Unfortunately, most temporary mail providers cannot help you in this situation.
But if you use our email generator, the situation changes radically. You decide when to disable the temporary address. Moreover, you can turn it back on at any time. If you turned it off, but after some time you need it again, just go to your account settings and turn off the corresponding filter. Then you will receive a password recovery message, do your business and you can safely turn the filter back on. Everything is extremely simple.

When is it better to use an email generator?

Given all the features of our generator, we recommend using it when registering on absolutely all websites. Whether you create a permanent account or a one-time account. If you always only share fake Gmail with third parties instead of the real one, you will be able to control the contents of your inbox very conveniently. Disable temporary addresses to avoid receiving spam. Turn addresses on if you really want to receive messages on them, and then turn them off again. Email generator is the perfect tool for managing your mailbox.

How do I use Email Generator application?

  1. Enter your gmail address.
  2. Click the "Generate email" button.
  3. The app will instantly create the fake Gmail.
  4. You can disable it when you want. The app will provide corresponding instructions


What is Email Generator?

Online free application to generate random fake addresses based on your GMail account. You can use them to register on websites. All unnecessary messages received to the generated address can be removed or archived automatically.

Are Email Generators safe?

Some applications have direct access to the messages received to the fake address. Some apps are not safe and can be hacked. But our app is absolutely safe. We have no access to your account. We don't even have any access to the messages, received to the fake address.

How to choose Email Generator?

People usually prefer the most popular disposable address generator apps. But most of them are already added to Disposable mail provider databases. So these addresses could not be used to register on most popular web applications. Our app could not be added to such a database, because it uses GMail accounts for random address generation. Also, some apps could steal your passwords and other confidential data. Our app has no access to the received messages, so your information could not be stolen.

Email generator features

Generate random address

Type your Gmail address to generate from. Click the "Generate email" button. Done, your random fake address is generated!

Remove junk messages

You can remove all messages received to the generated email. Use the generated search string to find all unnecessary messages

Dispose generated Fake Gmail

Use the generated search string to create a corresponding filter. Set the "Delete" rule and stop receiving unnecessary letters!

Recover generated email

Remove the message filter to recover generated fake address and receive new messages.

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