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EML to PDF Converter is one of our most popular applications. The EML format is quite widespread. Used by many mail programs, protocols, and servers. Of course, situations, where you will encounter a file of this format, are quite rare. Usually, you view emails in special applications or through a web interface. Working directly with email files is rare.
Sometimes, however, people will encounter such files. And then the search on the Internet begins, how to open them, how to print them. It's one thing to open a letter and read it yourself. Another thing is if you need to transfer its contents to someone else. Transfer it so that someone can also view it without downloading additional programs. One of the most logical decisions is to convert the file into something more understandable. To a different format that will open on most computers. There are many such formats. Some of them are better, some are worse. But judging by how often people choose EML to PDF Converter, the vast majority choose PDF.
Indeed, this is one of the best formats. It is easy to print and share with third parties. It allows you to save document formatting, illustrations, and other useful information.
EML files are inherently very similar to HTML documents. These files store service information in the headers containing special fields for storing the recipient of the letter, the sender, the subject, and the date of sending and receiving. And also much more. But the main thing in such files is the body of the letter. This can be plain text or a document formatted with HTML markup. Such a document may contain text with different fonts, indents, and styles. It can contain headings, paragraphs, lines, figures, and tables. Our converter extracts this HTML document from the file, then modifies it by putting additional texts at the beginning with the list of recipients, the sender, and the subject of the letter. A PDF file is then generated from this HTML document.
After the files have been converted, you will be able to fill out a feedback form. Please download the results of our program and rate them before leaving a review. We often get constructive feedback from our users. From them, we learn about the shortcomings of our converter and try to eliminate them quickly. We get useful tips for improvement. But often we get only positive feedback and are very satisfied. During the operation of the application, a huge number of files passed through it. We are glad to see that it has helped many users.
Our applications use the best Aspose libraries for work. We update them regularly to ensure the best possible user experience as soon as it becomes available.
By the way, did you notice how quickly our app opened? We got rid of a lot of unnecessary images, simplified the loading process, and completely redesigned the page design. We want our users to get results as quickly as possible. And this applies not only to opening the application but also to the process of converting EML to PDF. We are constantly working on optimizing the file conversion process so as not to waste your time.

How to convert EML to PDF

  1. Click inside the file drop area to upload your files or drag & drop them.
  2. Click on the "Convert" button. Your files will be uploaded and converted immediately.
  3. Download link of converted PDF files will be available instantly after conversion.
  4. Check conversion results and send us your feedback.
  5. You can also send a link to the results to your email address.


How do I change a EML file to a PDF?

Open our online converter app. Upload your file and click the "CONVERT" button. Download the converted file.

Can I convert a batch of EML files to PDF format?

Just open the converter app. Select all files you want to convert and click the "CONVERT" button. All converted files will be packed to a ZIP archive and will be available to download.

Where can I find more information about the application?

If you have questions about the functionality of the application, or found issues, or need some new functionality, please start a discussion in our free support forum.
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