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Convert FB2 to MOBI Online

Free FB2 to MOBI Converter allows you to export FB2 to MOBI format right on your mobile device or computer. Easily change the format of your books, download or send the output files in MOBI format to your email.

Electronic books in FB2 and MOBI formats are very popular on the Internet. It will not be difficult to find, download and read FB2 and MOBI files in any literary genre. But if we are talking about a particular book and a particular e-reader device, then the question may be more complicated. It may turn out that the FB2 format for some reason does not suit you. It could be a software/hardware compatibility issue, or maybe you just use several ways to read FB2, MOBI files at home, at work and on the road.

Free FB2 to MOBI Converter

Our online service will help you to solve the compatibility issue of various electronic readers. Just upload your FB2 files via the screen form above (you can drag and drop files), specify the FB2 to MOBI conversion options and click the button. Our converter will analyze the contents of the original FB2 file in detail and recreate it accurately in MOBI format. The conversion process usually involves a lot of data transitions, so it can take a while if you're converting large FB2 files.

To expand the possibilities of our Free FB2 to MOBI Conversion Service, we are working on supporting more eBook formats used by Amazon Kindle, Apple, Google e-Readers.

How to convert FB2 to MOBI

  1. Upload your FB2 files to convert them to MOBI format online.
  2. Specify the necessary parameters for converting FB2 to MOBI format.
  3. Click the button to start the FB2 to MOBI conversion operation.
  4. Download the generated MOBI files for viewing.
  5. You can send a link to download the MOBI result later to your email.


How to convert FB2 to MOBI for free?

Just use our Online FB2 to MOBI Converter. It is fast, accurate, easy to use and entirely free.

How many FB2 files can I convert to MOBI at a time?

You can convert up to 10 FB2 files at the same time.

What is the maximum allowed FB2 file size for conversion?

The size of each FB2 file must not exceed 10 MB.

How can I get the output MOBI?

At the end of the FB2 to MOBI conversion process, you will get a download link. You can download the result in MOBI format immediately or send a link to the mail.

How long are my files stored on your servers?

All user files are stored on Aspose servers for 24 hours. After this time, they are automatically deleted.

Can you guarantee the safety of my files?

Aspose pays the highest attention to security issues. You can be sure that your files are stored on secure storage servers and protected from any unauthorized access.

Why is the FB2 to MOBI conversion not instantaneous?

Converting large FB2 files to the MOBI format can take some time as it requires re-encoding and data compression.

Other Supported Conversions

You can also convert FB2 to many other file formats. Please see the full list below.

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