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Free online app to insert text watermark, insert image watermark or remove watermark from PowerPoint PPT, PPTX and OpenOffice ODP files.

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How to add or remove watermark in presentation using Aspose.Slides Watermark application

How to add or remove watermark in presentation using Aspose.Slides Watermark application

  1. Open Aspose.Slides Watermark application.
  2. Click inside the file drop area to upload a presentation or drag & drop it.
  3. Press "Add Text Watermark" and set and type text watermark. You may also set its font, color, size and rotation.
  4. Press "Add Image Watermark" and upload the image. Zoom or rotate image watermark if needed.
  5. Press "Remove Watermark" to remove watermark from presentation.
  6. Download the resulting presentation, view it online or send it via email, using the according buttons.
  7. Note that presentation file will be deleted from our servers after 24 hours and download links will stop working after this time period.

Aspose.Slides Watermark App is an online app to add or remove watermark in presentation. Text and image watermarks are usually used to define presentation’s owner, whether it’s a company or an individual author. Watermark can also show the status of presentation: a draft, a confidential presentation, etc.

Watermark App allows to add text watermark with any text needed. You can flexibly change the text font, color and size. By default text watermark is placed centrally and diagonally on the presentation, however you can change the rotate angle while creating the watermark.

Watermark App lets you add image watermark on the bottom of presentation slides. Its possible to make image watermark gray scaled, change the zoom factor and rotation.

Viewer App is a free app provided by Aspose.Slides.

Aspose.Slides for .NET

Aspose.Slides Watermark

  • Watermark Editor and Watermark Remover in one Aspose.Slides Watermark app.
  • Fast app to insert watermark in PowerPoint and OpenOffice presentation formats.
  • Add image watermark, text watermark, visible watermark, editable watermark.
  • Put company's logo on each presentation slide.
  • Add watermark as a semi-transparent image in the background of presentation.
  • Mark a presentation with "Draft” watermark and use watermark remover to make presentation final.
  • Show the copyright information on the presentation slides with "Not for Distribution”, "Confidential" or "Internal Only" watermark.

Add Presentation Watermark feature in your projects

Presentation Watermark application is based on Aspose.Slides API which is an API for managing presentation text and image watermarks. The API is supported in .NET, Java, Python, Go, C++, Android, and other programming languages. With Aspose.Slides API you may create, modify and remove watermarks from a scope of presentation files at once. Aspose.Slides API is used for the following:

  • Text and image watermark in presentations via native or cloud API.
  • Integrate presentation watermark feature in desktop, cloud or mobile applications.
  • 100% private on premise API, where all your files are processed at your own servers.

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  1. What Watermark app does?
    With Watermark App you may add text watermark, add image watermark, remove watermark from presentation.
  2. Where is watermark placed on presentation?
    Watermark is placed on the center of presentation.
  3. Can I change watermark parameters?
    Yes. For example, for text watermark, its possible to set text color, text size, text font and watermark rotate angle.
  4. Which presentation format are supported in Watermark App?
    All PowerPoint presentation formats: PPT(X), PPT(M), POT(M), etc.
Fast and easy

Fast and Easy Watermark

Upload your document and click on “ADD” or “REMOVE” button. You will get the download link as soon as the watermark process is performed.

Add Watermark from Anywhere

It works from all platforms including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. All files are processed on our servers. No plugin or software installation required for you
High quality

Watermark Quality

The conversion process is powered by industry-leading Aspose.Slides APIs, which are widely used in many Fortune 100 companies across 114 countries.

Other Supported Watermark

You can also add Watermark to other document file formats. Please see the list below.

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