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How to Remove Macros or VBA

How to Remove Macros or VBA

  1. Click Drop or upload your files.
  2. Select the Excel, PowerPoint, or Word file (containing the macros you want to remove) on your computer.
  3. Click REMOVE MACRO.
  4. Wait while Aspose Macros Remover does its work.
  5. Click DOWNLOAD NOW.
    Or you can type in an email address and click the message icon. The email address will receive a download link.

Aspose Macro Remover is a web app for removing macros from Excel, PowerPoint, and Word files. It goes beyond disabling macros in Excel.

Using Aspose Macro Remover, you can

  • delete macros in Excel files
  • delete macros in PowerPoint files
  • delete macros in Word documents.


  1. How do I remove a macro in Excel?
    Use Aspose Excel Macro Remover: Upload your Excel file and then click REMOVE MACRO.
  2. Can I delete all macros in Excel?
    Yes, you can. Use Aspose Excel Macro Remover.
  3. How do I remove VBA from Excel?
    You can use Aspose Excel Macro Remover to get rid of VBA in Excel files.
  4. What Excel or spreadsheet formats are supported?
    These are the supported file formats: XLSX, XLS, XLSM, XLSB, XLTM, and XLAM.
  5. How do I remove a macro in PowerPoint?
    Upload your PowerPoint presentation file and then click REMOVE MACRO.
  6. How do I remove a macro in Word?
    Upload your Word document file and then click REMOVE MACRO.
Fast and easy

Fast and Easy Process

Simply upload your document or file and then click REMOVE MACRO. Once the macro is removed, you get a download link.

Remove Macros From Anywhere

Our Macro Remover app works on all platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. All files are processed on our servers. No plugin or software installation is required.
High quality

Quality Service

The Macro Remover service is from Aspose, a trusted provider of APIs used in Fortune 100 companies across 114 countries.

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