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This free online form allows you to create print-ready surveys that can be automatically recognized using Aspose.OMR technology. You don't even need to write a line of code - a fully customizable survey can be done in a few clicks from any platform or device.

The survey sheet is provided as PDF or PNG file, which can be printed on a regular office printer. Respondents can fill in the bubbles corresponding to the answers with a pen, pencil or marker and give them back to you. Then use your existing office copier or even a smartphone camera to capture an image of the filled survey and recognize it with our free online app.

You can create all kind of questionnaires and similar documents: customer satisfaction surveys, checklists, assessments, feedback forms, and many more. Aspose.OMR fully automates the process, allowing hundreds of sheets per minute to be recognized with nearly 100% accuracy, eliminating the long, tedious and error-prone manual processing. Recognition results are returned in the most popular data storage formats that can be imported into any popular database, analysis system, or CRM.

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How use OMR

You will like

  • Fully customizable survey with no design tools or coding.
  • Ready for automatic recognition with common equipment and accessories.
  • Try out the capabilities of full featured Aspose.OMR for free.
  • Support for the most popular paper sizes and file formats.


Provide questions

Select the number of questions to add to the survey and type in their texts

Select answers

Choose universal answers for all questions.


Just click “Generate survey” and wait a second or two.

Get printable form

Click “Download” and choose the most suitable file format.


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Tere me te Maama Hangaia te ahua OMR

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Tūtohi māka.

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