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Base64 is a binary data coding standard that uses only 64 ASCII symbols. The coding alphabet consists of upper and lower Latin letters and numbers 0-9 and two additional symbols. In short, this standard allows sending the data without changing it.

As fonts usually contain a lot of characters apart from letters and numbers these symbols may get lost when transferring with HTTP protocol or email protocols. And this is an issue you have to deal with when using these protocols.

This cross-platform application is developed to encode WOFF2 to base64 in a simple way. By doing this you make sure that none of the glyphs will be absent or damaged after transferring. In just a few seconds you will get the text string that represents your font. You can save it as an image to your device or copy it and paste where you need it. This solution works on any operating system and any platform and you only need a browser to work.

From the Documentation chapter, you can also get information on how to encode font to base 64 programmatically or build this feature into your own project.

  • Encode WOFF2 to base64 in a simple way.
  • Get the text string of the font to your view.
  • Save the result as an image or copy and past the text string where you need it to.
  • Integrate the functionality to your product.

How to encode WOFF2 to base64

  • To add files click anywhere in the blue area or on the Browse for file button to upload or drag and drop them. You can also add files by entering their URL in the URL cell.
  • Click the View button.
  • You will get the text string of the font to your view instantly.
  • To reset the selection or start over click the cross in the right upper corner of the Drag and drop area.

  • How do I convert font to base64?First, choose the format of your files. Then add them to convert: click anywhere in the blue area or on the Browse for file button to upload or drag and drop it. You can also add the document by entering its URL in the URL cell. Then click the Convert button. When encoding is completed, you can download your result file.
  • What is a font to base64 encoder?Base64 font encoder is a solution to transform font files to 64 ASCII symbols to protect all the glyphs and symbols from loss or damage.
  • Is it safe to use the application?Of course! The download link of the resultant will be available instantly after encoding. We will delete it after 24 hours and the link will stop working after that. No one has access to your files. It is absolutely safe.
  • Can I encode fonts on Linux, Mac OS or Android?Yes, you can use our free Base64 Encoder on any operating system that has a web browser. It works online and does not require any software installation.
  • Fast and Easy Encoding

    Choose the app equal to the format of your font. Upload fonts and click the View button. The font will be encoded to base64 and rendered as a text string soon.
  • Encode from Anywhere

    It works from all platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Everything is processed on our servers. No plugin or software installation is required for you.
  • Encoder Quality

    The functionality works using Aspose APIs, which are being used by many Fortune 100 companies across 114 countries.
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