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Mail merge data sets with templates in a few clicks to create personalized emails

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Introducing Email Merger: The Ultimate Solution for Personalized Communication in Excel and Outlook. One of the most common challenges faced by businesses is the need to send personalized messages to a large number of recipients. Our application addresses this challenge by allowing you to create a set of tailored emails using templates.

This powerful innovative tool is designed to automate mass communication efforts. Its features and benefits can be stated as follows:

  • the interface is easy-to-use
  • —Āreates customized emails for Excel and Outlook users
  • uses data tables in various formats, such as XLS, XLSX, or CSV
  • uses templates in EML or Outlook MSG format.
  • displays the preview of the results before the merge process
  • saves results in various formats: EML or Outlook MSG files, which will be packaged into a ZIP archive, or a single
  • MBOX or Outlook PST file
  • stores uploaded data not more than 24 hours, thus, ensures your data safety

Sometimes your data table's headers may differ from the placeholder names in your template. Another advantage of our application is flexibility. The app has a configurable column-to-placeholder mapping feature that can handle data tables with headers that either match or differ from the placeholder names in your template. This means that you can customize the mapping to fit your specific needs, saving you time and effort.

How do I send merged emails?

Sending merged emails is as easy as creating them. Send your merged emls with Thunderbird in a few clicks:

  1. Open Thunderbird, find the Outbox folder, click the right mouse button to call the drop-down menu.
  2. Click ImportExportTools NG to import all messages from a directory into the Outbox folder. The ImportExportTools NG is an extension for Thunderbird that should be installed in advance.
  3. Once your emls are in the box, click the box with the right mouse button to call the drop-down menu and hit "Send Unsent Messages".
  4. Thunderbird starts sending your messages one by one. If it fails to send an email and the unsent messages remain in the folder, we can either retry sending them or wait for Thunderbird to attempt to send them again.

Overall, Mail Merge is a must-have tool for businesses and individuals looking to streamline the process of creating personalized communication using Excel and Outlook functionalities. With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, our application makes it easy to create tailored email campaigns. Don't let the manual process of sending mass emails hold you back - try Mail Merge today and experience the convenience and efficiency of this remarkable tool.

How do I do a mail merge?

Step 1

Upload your data set

Upload your XLS/XLSX or CSV file with template data. Check file was parsed correctly using the preview table.

Step 2

Upload your email template file

Upload email template in EML or Msg format. Template should contain variables (e.g. #variableName#) in body/subject/to/from/cc or any other parts.

Step 3

Map data set to template

Map data set column headers to the corresponding template variable names and preview merge results.

Step 4

Download results

You can download results in one of supported formats like EML, MSG, MBOX or PST.


What is a mail merge?

Mail merge application merges email templates with data sets and produces messages for bulk sending.

Is Mail merge easy to use

Our application has an intuitive interface, automatic data and result checks and previews, variable highlighting, automated matching, and detailed instructions. Therefore, we believe that our application is very easy and convenient to use, even if you are using it for the first time.

What are the two components of mail merge?

Mail merge app requires two components: email template and data set. Email template is a mail message file stored in EML or MSG format. Data set is a table stored in XLS, XLSX or CSV format.

What is the data source in a mail merge?

Data source is a table, which is stored in XLS, XLSX or CSV file. It should contain columns with headers. These columns will be mapped to the corresponding email template variables during the merge.

Mail merge app features

User-friendly interface

The application boasts an intuitive interface that simplifies the process of creating personalized emails. Even users with minimal technical skills can quickly navigate and utilize the application.

Data source preview

The application offers a convenient data source preview feature, allowing you to view your data table before initiating the mail merge process. This ensures that your data is accurate and properly formatted.

Template preview

The template preview function enables you to view your mail merge templates and their placeholders before executing the mail merge Outlook process. This helps guarantee that your templates are correctly set up and ready to go.

Automated column-to-placeholder mapping

The intelligent mapping feature automatically matches data table columns to template placeholders, streamlining the merge process and reducing manual work.

Results preview

Before downloading the output files, you can preview the results of the mail merge process, ensuring that your tailored emails are accurate and well-formatted.

Placeholder highlighting

During the template preview, our app highlights the template placeholders, making it easier for you to visualize the final output.

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