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Email Header Analyzer Email Header Analyzer

Analyze email headers online. Get email server info. Parse and analyze email headers from EML, MSG or TXT file

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Email Header analyzer is an online free application. The application collects all the headers from the email message. Email headers are carefully parsed. The data of the sender of the letter is determined. In particular, an analysis is made of the servers through which the sending was made. We collect all possible information according to these servers: IP address, geographic location, when and in whose name the server is registered, phone number and postal address of the server owner, etc.
The Email Header analyzer application can be useful if you receive an email from an unknown sender. By analyzing the email headers, you can find out more information about the sender. For example, a letter was sent via corporate mail, you can determine how long ago the sender's company website was registered. This information allows you to indirectly assess the reliability of the sender. You can also get the contact information of the site owner and contact him to clarify the authenticity of the letter you received.
Email Header analyzer supports EML and Outlook MSG files. You can also insert headers in text form into the appropriate form. Thanks to the use of the Aspose.Email library, we can be sure that all service information will be collected and analyzed regardless of the file format.
In addition to information about the servers through which the email message was sent and received, the headers also contain a large amount of service information. As a rule, this information is not very useful to end users, and we do not display it in order not to distract. If you would like to be able to view all the email headers, you can let us know via the feedback form.

How do I extract an email header?

  1. Click inside the file drop area to upload an email file or drag & drop an email file.
  2. Or you can simply paste raw Email headers in special input form.
  3. Click on the Analyze button. Your file will be uploaded and processed to result format.
  4. View all analyzed Email headers in convenient table


How can I analyze Email header?

With Email Header analyzer you can analyze email headers, trace the email sender IP location and get other useful information.
First, you need to add a message file which you want to analyze: drag & drop your Email file, click inside the white area to choose a file or simply paste Email header in the text area. Then click the "Analyze" button. When Email’s header is uploaded you can read it and get all useful information from it instantly.

What does an email header analyzer do?

Email header analyzer extracts all the headers from email message file. First of all the analyzer collects all the information about the email sender. Such as IP address, geographic location, email server owner's phone number, etc.

Is it safe to analyze Email header using free Email Header analyzer app?

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