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10 minute email generator

Generate fake email address based on your GMail account. Stop receiving unnecessary emails after 10 minutes

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Our 10-minute email address generator is one of the most reliable and flexible to use. Most other applications quickly find their way into disposable address provider databases. As a result, such fake email addresses may not be suitable for their intended use.
We generate email addresses based on your Gmail account. This is very convenient, because you can control the lifetime of such a fake email address. As a rule, such an address cannot be blocked. It is convenient to use it to register on various websites that send out spam emails.
By specifying the generated 10-minute mail address when registering on any site, you will receive all the mail in the Inbox folder of your Gmail account. At the same time, you can set up filtering for letters received at a generated Gmail address. You can automatically archive such emails or simply delete them. You can also label such emails, mark them as important, or assign a category. We provide detailed instructions on setting up such filters for a specific generated Gmail address. If you set up automatic deletion of letters, you will never receive any messages at the generated email again.
Our Fake Email generator application does not require access to your email account. You can be sure that your mail will be safe.
We plan to expand the functionality of the application in the future. In the near future, automatic addition of a message filter will be added. Unfortunately, users will have to grant access to their account to do this. For those who are not ready to provide us with such access, we will leave the ability to configure the filter according to the instructions.


How do I make a fake temporary email?

  • Open the Fake Email Generator app.
  • Enter your gmail address.
  • Click the "Generate email" button.
  • The app will instantly generate the disposable email address.
  • The app will also provide the instruction on how to disable the generated gmail address.


  • What is a good fake email name?
    Using popular temporary address generators can be difficult. Many sites check email addresses against special databases and block most popular services. One of the best ways to deal with such restrictions is to use gmail generator applications. Our Fake email generator supports exactly this mechanism, so we recommend it.
  • How do I access my Fake Email inbox?
    All messages received to the fake email address are available in your gmail inbox. You can find all of them. Just enter the generated email address to the search bar and press "Enter".
  • How do I recover my temporary email?
    Our app supports the temporary email recover. If you've created a filter that removes all the messages received to the disposable email, you should open email account settings. Then open the "Filters and Blocked Addresses" tab. Find the filter related to your temporary email address. Press the corresponding "delete" button. Done! Your temporary email is recovered.