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Email Checker

Verify email address. Test mail is valid and real. Check whether email is disposable or not

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The Email Checker application allows you to check whether the given address exists, temporary, or contains errors.
First of all, we check that email address is valid in terms of standard verification rules (contains the local part, the ‘@’ sign and domain part, etc.). We then split the address into a username and an email server address. We check the email server for the presence in the disposable email servers database.
Next, we test if the entered email address exists. This is not a simple procedure, because many servers block this feature in order to combat spam. Some servers just give false information. For the same reason, email verification traffic is blocked by many ISPs. To examine how the email server is configured, we first test a dummy email address existence. If the server tells us that the specified email exists, it is most likely giving false information and we cannot verify email address for this server. If the server reports that the dummy address does not exist, we can safely check email address entered by the user, it is very likely that we will get a valid answer.
Of course, it makes no sense to check a dummy address on the same server over and over again. Therefore, we keep our own, constantly updated database of email servers. In this database, we record which servers block checks, provide false information, or allow email validation. For example, we know that we can check gmail addresses without any problems, so we don’t have to use our dummy mail checker algorithm for it.
If you want to expand the functionality of our mail tester app, please contact us. We are constantly working to improve our applications and would love to receive feedback.


How can I test if an email is valid?

  • Open the Email Checker app.
  • Enter the email you want to validate.
  • Click the "Check email" button.
  • The app will validate the address, check that it exists on the email server and show the result in the popup window.
  • As a bonus, the app also checks that the email address is disposable or not.


  • How do I know if an email is real?
    Enter the address and press the "Check email" button. The app will connect to the mail exchanger and check whether the email is real or not. Don't worry, the app will not send any emails to the validated address.
  • How can I check if a Gmail account exists?
    Open the Email checker app. Enter the gmail address and press "Check email" button. The app will check the account existence.
  • Where can I find more information about the application?
    If you have questions about the functionality of the application, or found issues, or need some new functionality, please start a discussion in our free support forum.