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Excel & ODS Parser Online is a state-of-the-art, free online tool designed for easy and accurate extraction and analysis of data from all types of Excel (including XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLSB) and ODS tables. Without any software installation, you can easily process data forms in a variety of formats for efficient data extraction, transformation, and in-depth analysis. The all-cloud operation not only ensures the security of data processing, but also fully protects the privacy of users.
  • Multi-functional analysis: It can not only parse text data, but also identify and extract image content in Excel and ODS files, and explore the value of data in an all-round way.
  • Fully compatible: Supports all major Excel formats as well as ODS, regardless of file size and complexity, it can be processed quickly and accurately.
  • One-click operation: The user-friendly interface design makes the data extraction process simple and easy, even for non-expert users.
  • Cloud-driven efficiency: Powerful computing power based on the cloud can efficiently process large amounts of data without worrying about local hardware limitations, while ensuring the security and encryption of the entire data processing process.
  • Wide range of application scenarios: It is suitable for data analysis tasks in various business environments, such as report collation, market research, financial audit, etc., to help you make full use of data resources.

How to parse your Excel files

  • Upload your Excel files to parse.
  • Press the "PARSE" button.
  • Download the parsed files instantly or send a download link to email.

Note that file will be deleted from our servers after 24 hours and download links will stop working after this time period.

Fast and Easy Parser

Fast and Easy Parser

Upload your Excel files and click on "PARSE" button. You will get the text file or zip-file with text and images as soon as the Parsing is performed.

Parse from Anywhere

Parse from Anywhere

Works from all platforms including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. All files are processed on our servers. No plugins or software installation required for you.

Parse Quality

Parse Quality

Powered by Aspose.Cells . All files are processed using Aspose APIs, which are being used by many Fortune 100 companies across 114 countries.

Other Parser file formats

You can also parse other file formats. Please see the list below.

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