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Scan Wi-Fi QR code and get password just by pointing your smartphone camera to it.

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Scan Wi-Fi QR


With Aspose.BarCode WiFi QR Scanner you can scan WiFi QR codes online using the camera on your smartphone. Just point the camera of your smartphone at a WiFi QR code and password will be get from it automatically.

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  • What is a Wi-Fi QR Code?
    A Wi-Fi QR Code is a QR code that allows users to access Wi-Fi networks. It contains the information presented in a special form that makes it easy to connect to the network by scanning this QR Code on an iOS or Android mobile device.
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Scan Wi-Fi QR

How to scan Wi-Fi QR code

  • Click the 'Start' button to launch the smartphone camera
  • Point the camera of your smartphone at a Wi-Fi QR code
  • Scanning will start automatically when a QR code is captured
  • Get password and network name. To get full text of Wi-Fi QR code click on icon in the right corner of results and full text will be copied
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