Merge Word to Word its easy and quickly

Today, a realy popular request for the ability to combine Word documents into one file.

For most people, the quickest method for combining Word documents is to manually copy and paste them into one.

But if you have a need to merge hundreds of files, then it will be too difficult to do it manually, which will take you a lot of time and resources.

While working on documents using Microsoft Office Word, sometimes users may need to combine and merge many multiple documents into one single document. For example, when an author is writing a novel book by saving each chapter as individual documents this makes a lot of document files for a single book. When the novel is finished, the author can wish to combine and merge all separate Words files into one single document.

How to Merge Word Documents in One Click

So, now let's look at how the "Merge Word to Word" application solves the task of Combine Word to Word documents.

  1. Go to predefined link that points to Word to Word merge operation, drag and drop your files in. Look at the fig. 1.
    Merge Word to Word
    Fig. 1. Merge Word to Word
  2. Rearrange the files in the correct order. Look at the fig. 2.
    Drop or upload your files
    Fig. 2. Drop or upload your files
  3. Click ‘Merge’ to combine the files.
  4. Download your single document on the next page. Look at the fig. 3.
    Download your Word document
    Fig. 3. Download your Word document
  5. Do not forget also about the possibility of sending the result of transforming your document to an email. Look at the fig. 4.
    Combine Word to Word
    Fig. 4. Result to your email
  6. View the result of the Merged Word to Word document. Please note, that every uploaded document in the resulting document will also start on a new page.
    Merged Word document
    Fig. 5. Merged Word document