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About Lock

Lock is tool for quick encryption documents online.

Protection is performed using a strong encryption algorithm AESx128 and a password that you specify in the password field. The AES algorithm has been approved by the US National Security Agency as suitable for encrypting highly sensitive information. We do not store your passwords and documents. The encrypted document can be transmitted securely to your colleagues via email or other cloud services. We do not recommend sending your PDF protected documents via email along with a decryption password. This increases the risks that your letter can be intercepted by someone and the attached document, along with the password, will fall into the hands of cybercriminals. This password protection tool works with all popular formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and works on any Windows, MacOs, Linux or Android operating system. Your protected files are stored on our servers for a limited time and no one has access to them without a special encrypted link. You can also use the «Delete immediately» function and your files will be deleted instantly. You can also, using our service, send a link to download your protected document to yourself or your partners by email. But keep in mind that only a link to download the document will be sent to the email without specifying the password that you specified for protection.