How to convert PDF file into Word document?

PDF is the standard format for electronic documents. Today, PDF files are used in production management, the sphere of various financial services, lawyers, in publishing, educational institutions, and etc. It is convenient and not difficult to work with. However, there is a need to convert a PDF file into a DOC file that is very useful for taking control of a document’s contents.

So you can edit it and adapt it to your needs! Nowadays, PDF format is used extensively as a simple and efficient way to distribute documents containing text and images. This online document converter allows you to convert your files from PDF to WORD in high quality. We support a lot of different file formats like PDF, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX and many more.

With our online "PDF to DOC" converter, your fonts, images, and alignments will look as expected. The converted file is an editable Word document that you can start using right away in Microsoft Word. Your converted document opens automatically in Word.

Let's Convert PDF to DOC file step by step.

  1. Go to predefined link that points to PDF to Word operation, drag, and drop your PDFs in. Look at the fig. 1.
    Convert PDF to DOC
    Fig.1. Convert PDF to DOC
  2. Rearrange the files in the correct order and click ‘Covert’. Look at the fig. 2.
    Drop or upload your files
    Fig.2. Drop or upload your files
  3. Download your single document on the next page.
  4. View the result of the convert PDF to Word document. Look at the fig. 3.
    Download result
    Fig.3. Download result

Do not forget also about the possibility of sending the result of transforming your document to an email. Look at the fig. 4.

Download result
Fig.4. Download result

Conversion from "PDF to Word" is safe and secure. This means that you can convert your PDF files very easily and quickly, and it’s completely secure.

Editing your document in Word is easy: adding pages, entering text, and replacing images is a breeze! With Aspose App you can also convert them back to PDF.

PDFs are often used when distributing documents so that they’re seen the same way by all parties. Because they’re designed in this way, they can be quite difficult to edit. You may want to convert your PDF to a Word document so that you can make changes to your text more easily.

The ability to convert using Aspose.PDF App is by far the most reliable and fastest. But we still suggest that you familiarize yourself with another option. Which is no less popular, but more difficult.

Convert PDF to Word Document using Microsoft Word.

You can also convert your PDF to a Word document using just Microsoft Word. Converting in Word often leads to style and formatting issues, so it’s not always the most reliable method. And, of course you must have a licensed version of the product.

  1. Open the Microsoft Word Document.

  2. Click “File” on the Word ribbon.

  3. In the sidebar that opens, click the “Open” button.

  4. Locate and select your PDF, and then click the “Open” button. Look at the fig. 5.

    PDF to DOC converter
    Fig.5. PDF to DOC converter
  5. A warning pop ups, indicating that your new document may lose some of the formatting it had as a PDF. Press "Ok". Look at the fig. 6.

    Formatting of PDF
    Fig.6. Formatting of PDF
  6. Word converts the PDF and opens up your new Word document right away. Look at the fig. 7.

    Formatting of PDF
    Fig.7. Formatting of PDF