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Create professional confirmation emails online. Improve your emails with free email templates. Create order confirmation, subscription emails and email address confirmation emails.

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Confirmation emails are very important in the process of communication between you and your customers. As the name implies, this type of emails confirms users actions, such as registration, purchase, subscription and more. You should send them to inform users of important information or ask their agreement. Users expect to get these emails when they interact with your system.

Internet speed is consistently high these days, so users expect to receive these messages as quickly as possible. Also, emails should contain personalized data related to each user (names, links, etc.).

Preparing customized messages can be very time-consuming. To avoid wasting time, you can use prepared templates. Templates contain blank spaces where your information will be inserted automatically online.

To raise confirmation email’s performance you should personalize them. Aspose.Email Assembly is the best choice that you can make to prepare confirmation emails. This web app allows for creating emails using templates and data.

We’ve already prepared confirmation email templates. Nevertheless, for best results, templates that we have prepared should never be pulled from this article and sent as-is! You should always adapt the chosen email template to achieve your goals: change tone, style and of course, inserted data.

Please do the following:
1. Create a new MSG email file with the template content, use any of performed templates.
2. Then save this file as Template.msg.
3. Upload the created file as template to Email Assembly app.

Purchase Confirmation Email

One of the most important types of emails — Purchase Confirmation Emails. In these emails, you can give thanks to your customers. This has a positive effect on possible further cooperation or purchases.
Let’s image that we have an online shop which sells goods. To inform a customer that his order is confirmed you need to contact him. In this letter, you need to give all information related to his good and give the next steps of getting the bought goods.

Confirmation email

#BrandName# thanks you for your purchase

Hello #Salutation# #FirstName# #LastName#,

Thank you for ordering from our shop! We have received your order. We have already started to work on it!

When everything will be ready we will let you know. You will get all tracking information and other important details in the next emails.

We glad that you have chosen our company! To thank you we give you a unique promo code which allows you to get free shipping for the next order in our shop. All you have to do to use this is to enter Promo Code (#PromoCode#) at you next checkout.

Thank you for attention #Salutation# #FirstName# #LastName#,

The example data file for purchase confirmation email. Save this text in a file as Data.json and upload it as data source:

Set Data Source Name: confirmationEmail

{ confirmationEmail: [{ Salutation: "Mr.", FirstName: "John", LastName: "Magnusson", BrandName: "Aspose" }] }

Subscrtiption Confirmation Email

This type of emails users get when signs up for news and updates.

In this type of email, you need to persuade the client to confirm the subscription. You have to explain what benefits the client would have if he agrees to receive news from you.

Note that you should not spam your messages to the client, otherwise you will lose a potential buyer. You should send him interesting and simple newsletters. We talked about here: Newsletter Templates.

Subscrtiption Confirmation Email

#BrandName# thanks you for subscribing

Hi #Salutation# #FirstName# #LastName#,

Thank you for subscribing!

We are almost finished. All you left to do is to confirm your email.

Please follow the link below to confirm your email address.

We promise don’t spam!

If the button doesn't work, follow the link: #ConfirmationLink#.

Thank you for attention #Salutation# #FirstName# #LastName#,
#BrandName#. See you soon!

The example data file for subscrition confirmation email. Save this text in a file as Data.json and upload it as data source:

Set Data Source Name: subscritionConfirmationEmail

{ subscritionConfirmationEmail: [{ Salutation: "Mr.", FirstName: "John", LastName: "Magnusson", BrandName: "Aspose", ConfirmationLink: "" }] }

Email Verification

Email verification allows you to get only real emails from real customers. The email verification is still one of the most effective ways to collect useful data. That helps you to improve your marketing plans and companies.

Email Verification

Welcome to #BrandName# Community

Hi #Salutation# #FirstName# #LastName#,

Great day to become a part of #BrandName# community!

Why Verify?

Email confirmation allows us to deliver all useful information right to you. Also, we will be sure that all your messages will reach you, and your messages will reach us.

We promise don’t spam!

If the button doesn't work, follow the link: #ConfirmationLink#.

Thank you for attention #Salutation# #FirstName# #LastName#,

The example data file for verification email. Save this text in a file as Data.json and upload it as data source:

Set Data Source Name: verificationConfirmationEmail

{ verificationConfirmationEmail: [{ Salutation: "Mr.", FirstName: "John", LastName: "Magnusson", BrandName: "Aspose", ConfirmationLink: "", ClientsEmail: "" }] }

And remember to feel free to change and design the email templates that we gave upper.

Please, feel free to check our powerful Cloud SDKs and other easy-to-use online Apps.


Aspose.Email Confirmation-email-text-templates

  • Just upload your template file to create as many personalized letters as you want.
  • Use prepared confirmation email templates.
  • Use prepared data files for confirmation emails.
  • Customize templates as you want.
  • Save the resulting email as EML, MSG.
  • Save your time creating confirmation email.
  • Design your emails online.
  • Create confirmation emails without any additional software.
  • Create confirmation emails from Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, eM Client, Thunderbird & Mailbird messages.
  • Create confirmation emails online on Windows 10, Mac OS, iOS, Android and other systems.
  • Create confirmation email online: EML, MSG, PST, OST, MBOX

How to Create a Confirmation Email Online?

  • Choose one of the templates or create your own.
  • Create a MSG file with template content in it.
  • Create a data.json file with the prepared data which you want to insert in the email.
  • Use Email Assembly app to create confirmation email online.
  • Click the "Create Email" Button.
Create Confirmation Email Online

Create Confirmation Email Online

Use email templates to create a confirmation email with Email.Assembly, customize your message and click on the “Create Email” button. You will get the new email file filled with the data you want as soon as the operation is performed..

Create Confirmation Emails with Templates from Anywhere

Create Confirmation Emails with Templates from Anywhere

It works from all platforms including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. All files are processed on our servers. No plugin or software installation required for you..

Create Professional Confirmation Emails

Create Professional Confirmation Emails

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